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Bistro Menu

Summertime Bistro Hours Friday - Tuesday 11AM-5PM. Closed Wed & Thursday                         

Enjoy our simple yet elegant variety of appetizers whose combinations and flavors are all paired perfectly with our Javelina Leap wines. Relax, listen to music, catch up with friends and loved ones all while enjoying our great wines & good eats!



Chef’s select imported and domestic meats and cheeses. Served with house made jam, compound butter and spreadable cheese. Includes Seasonal items such as guava, artichoke, and roasted garlic. Accompanied by local breads from Fougasse Artisan Breads.


Served with Javelina cheddar pub cheese sauce and a Chardonnay apricot mustard. 


Caprese - Roasted tomato, buffalo mozzarella & parmesan, baked and topped with organic basil and balsamic reduction.

Gourmet Pepperoni - House marinara, buffalo mozzarella & smoked cheddar with imported aged pepperoni. Topped with shaved parmesean and organic basil.

Inigo Montoya- Prepare to dive into a celebration of the flavors of Spain. Features Romesco sauce, grilled spring onions, roasted grapes, Spanish cheeses, argula & candied walnuts, then a few frozen grapes for contrast.

The Big Easy - This pizza celebrates New Orleans by paying homage to the Muffuletta sandwich. A decadent mixture of basil cream sauce, Genoa salami, Tempranillo mushrooms, muffuletta olive salad and asiago cheese.



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